South Eugene Robotics Team



Welcome to SERT's programming module, designed to teach you the basics of Kotlin. Kotlin is the programming language that SERT uses to program the robots. While it isn't the most widely used language, its sister language, Java, is potentially the most well-known programming language in existence.

The IDE (integrated design enviroment) that SERT uses is called IntelliJ. The basics of what it does is provide a platform for us to write code, and put it on the robot easily. We will walk you through the installation process when you're at a meeting, but for now you will be using a website to write and test your code.  

To start, run the code below by pressing the green arrow.

The console should display "Hello World". The program you just ran declared (created) a variable and printed it to the console.

Let's change what the variable prints. In the box above, underneath the "println" line, write hello = "[words]" (The [words] part can be whatever you want, just make sure it's in quotes.)

Now, below on a new line, write println(hello). Then run the code again. You should see the text you wrote in the quotes show up in the console underneath "Hello World". Congratulations, you just changed a variable.

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