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Variables are an essential part of programming. Variables allow information to be stored and called upon in the code, without rewriting the information each time it is needed. A variable is usually seen in one of theses formats:

var cats = 5 An integer stored as a variable

var dogs = "fluffy" A string stored as a variable

var points = 13.37 A double (number with a decimal point) stored as a variable

Look at the output of these variables. Now we're going to see how we can combine and change the different types of variables.

The format for adding to a variable is [variable name] = [variable name] + [data of same type ex. string, number, double]. Try writing your code, following that format, to add to each variable. The first one is done for you as a reference.


If you're stuck, ask a software member or look at the solution.

Great job figuring it out.